I'm your ally on the path

Together we can meet the challenge you are facing and find the route that untangles your blocked capacities.  As a specialist in Trauma Recovery, I'm passionate about supporting your full resolution of physical, emotional and spiritual challenges, including complicated grief, anxiety, accident or relational traumas, post-traumatic stress (PTSD), chronic pain and chronic stress conditions.

I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor with a MA in Transpersonal Counselling Psychology/Wilderness Therapy from Naropa University.  My BA Psychology (Honours) is from University of Calgary. I'm committed to working my own ever deepening path so that I am able to be the most efficient mirror for your own work. 

Since 1999, I've been counselling adults from various walks of life and livelihoods, from nurses to corporate leaders, from performing artists to engineers, to yoga teachers and school teachers as well as other therapists. No matter where you come from, I wish to meet you in the middle and offer my hand as an ally on your path to recovering your whole self, remembering and reintegrating the parts of you that got lost along the way. And I'm exuberant about the vistas and visions and new challenges that we can explore as a team as your resourced capacity grows strong.

You can expect our work together to be experiential and present oriented, grounded in compassionate non-judgmental awareness.  From trauma to transformation – I will facilitate your individual process with expertise and loving presence.

I look forward to getting started. Your unique journey to fullness awaits.

April Liés, MA RCC SEP

April Liés, MA, RCC, SEP

April Liés, MA, RCC, SEP


"I want to get help but I'm too busy!"

"I want to get help but I'm too busy!"

I'm available

I have two locations, Downtown Vancouver at 511-119 West Pender St, and North Vancouver at 503-145 East 13th St.

I offer sessions in afternoon/evenings Monday to Thursday and Sunday daytimes.

As well, online sessions are a great option for your added convenience to make commitment to your personal care path possible in your busy life. Let’s talk about what works for you.

"I've tried therapy before...and I'm still hurting"

"I've tried therapy before...and I'm still hurting"

I'm different

I use an experiential and body-based mindfulness approach which allows you to accentuate your organism's natural healing trajectory.

This is not about re-programming you or using behaviourally oriented strategies to get you to be different.

By setting up a responsive and mindful therapy relationship, I support you to make contact with your truth and wisdom unfolding in your unique here-and-now experience. Thats where real growth and change are possible, at the intersection of mindful compassion and clear seeing.

You will take away tools for emotional regulation and stress management that you can use in your daily life. And you will have more access to the authentic you that has been aching to come forward.


"Do you have the tools I need?"

"Do you have the tools I need?"

I'm qualified

Besides my background in Mental Health and Addictions, I have specialized training as a trauma counsellor, which includes extensive post graduate training in Somatic Experiencing Trauma Resolution (Somatic Experiencing Practitioner). I’ve studied with Peter Levine on Sexual Trauma Resolution, Near Death Experiences and Anesthesia Trauma, learned from Kathy Kain’s integrative Somatic Practice Approach and travelled my own healing journey via Hakomi Body Psychotherapy practice and training for over 10 years. I’m currently training with Arielle Giarretto, re: Embodied Sexuality and will continue to deepen my capacity in touch skills with Kathy Kain’s and Steve Terrell’s Developmental trauma healing trainings, into 2020.

As a Registered Clinical Counsellor, your extended benefit package may cover my services. I am also a Crime Victim Assistance Program approved counsellor.